Hmmmm... how to start?

Well... Peter & I (Jenni) are a husband and wife team who started 'Cross the Lilliebridge in May of 1996. We met and fell in love in high school (gym class).

I thought Peter was a visiting college student, because he had a beard and a moustache. It turns out that I'm older than him by 10 months. LOL We've been together for 7 1/2 years, married in 1995. We had a wonderful wedding in the same park where we had our first date!

Peter has had 9 years of education and experience in the printing industry. He can do some incredible stuff with computers, (needless to say, he is the one to thank for the website.) He has tons of patience when we design together. I am just beginning to speak computer.

I have 5 years of education in commercial art and graphic design. I have always wanted to have a career in art. And I fell in love with cross stitch early on! The floss colors are just like paints. I see all of those colors and I get inspired!

So, we decided to combine our talents and take a chance on developing our own company. We started asking questions of everyone that we could. We found some incredibly nice and wonderfully knowledgeable people on the internet! Sharion Cox at Crafters Gateway and all of the BBS villagers at The Craftnet Village have been sooooo supportive and helpful! Thank you bunches! =-)

I am so inspired by Native American art, but am also partial to Southwest, Egyptian, Celtic, and Country styles as well. Our favorite cross stitch designers are Mosey 'N Me, Fanci That, Lizzie Kate, and Debbie Mumm. We hope to be as recognized and accomplished as they are someday.

Currently we design, publish and distribute our own counted cross stitch leaflets. We've been told that our products present themselves well and that they are of high quality. We are proud to say that we do everything from creating, charting, stitching and photographing the designs to the designing and desktop publishing of the leaflets. The only thing that we don't do is the actual printing of the leaflets. We leave that to Palmer Printing in Minnesota.

Peter & I are having a great time doing this and we really hope that we can continue to do so. We have more designs in the works and look forward to exhibiting at some shows as soon as we can.

Please visit Post It and let us know what you think of our efforts. We would love to hear from you!

And help us to build Hot Shops, if you have a chance. We want to make as many contacts as possible. Your input helps!

Thank you!

Jenni & Peter Lilliebridge

P.S. We sincerely hope that you've seen something inspiring during your visit here. Please email us if you come across anything out on the net that you think might be of interest to us. We are looking for cross stitch sites to exchange links with.