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I saw your company mentioned in my Friends That Count newsletter and went right to your web site. INCREDIBLE!!! I, too, have marked your site in my Favorites, and want to tell you how much I adore your designs. I can't wait to go to my local shop and look for your designs! Thank you!!! - Sandra

Hi Jenni!
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you are my inspiration at 5A.M. I am going through all of the cross-stitch web sites I can trying to e-mail to get work designing and/or charting for cross-stitch. My husband works midnight shift and I quit my "real job" to be home more when he is home. I use to work for a cross-stitch company as an artist and I also charted and layed out the books on computer. Anyway I want to do it again but from home! Its so hard just to get started and I get so frustrated. But I loved your web site. Thanks for giving me hope! Good luck!! - Wilma Pearl C.

Hi! I was attracted to your site because of the Native American themes. However, I was disappointed that I was not able to find the style that I was looking for. Please consider using creating some Salish designs! I would
like to make my mother a very special gift which will represent her heritage. Based on your beautiful work to date, I know you could do a fabulous job. If you have already done some designs like this, please let me know ASAP. Thank-you and keep up the great work.

Dear Jennifer and Peter,
I have just visited your website after reading the article about yourselves in the "Just CrossStitch" magazine. The website is wonderful and is now saved among my favourites! I also wanted to comment on your Lady Bug Love design - it is absolutely the most adorable design I have ever seen! I hope that over time you will produce more designs in this style. I know that Lady Bug Love will be my next project! Continued success to 'Cross the Lilliebridge!
A New Fan - Carrie C.

You were at a cross stitch fair several months ago in Bloomingdale, IL. I visited your booth and purchased the Totem Pole design and frame. I completed it last month, had it framed and I've never received so many compliments on a finished piece! Keep up the good work. Hope to see your designs in more shops and magazines. - Pam N.

Hi there,
I just wanted to let you both know that i think your designs are really great, just finished reading an article about you both in Just Cross Stitch magazine and you are an inspiration to me. Great to find out that you also had a web site, a definite must to my bookmarks! Regards, Deborah S. (New Zealand)
"Children are messengers we send to a time we will not see"

Hi Guys, I saw the article in Just Cross Stitch. Way to go!! Even though you don't know who I am, I feel like I know you because you are mentioned on almost every xs site I go to. Also saw the new "Bee Angel" in the Stitchery catalog. She is sooo adorable! Great job, Amanda H.

Hello! I just had to write to tell you all that your designs are so beautiful!! I added your website to my "Favorite Places" after being told about you from another friend here on-line. I cant decide which charts to order first!!! Thank you so much for the lovely patterns and keep up the terrific work!! - Kimberly J.

As a budding web designer for our office, I am inspired by your website. It is so beautifully done, simple and elegant. I love the uncluttered look of it and the colors and icons are terrific. I was browsing the web when I came across your site. While viewing your catalog, I discovered I had just bought one of your designs, the totem pole, from a local needlework shop! Now that I've seen your catalog, I'll definitely be purchasing more patterns. Good luck on the continued success of your company. You offer a unique and lovely product in the cross-stitch world. - Darcie

I asked for a catalogue from you about 3 weeks ago, I was totally amazed at how fast you sent it to us. My partners and I are quite impressed with your designs. We had our "Grand Opening" on 1 Nov. and we were swamped with customers, most commenting on the fact that we had so many things that they had never seen before! Thats why we really want to carry some of your designs. Besides being well done, they will really go well with the SouthWest area we serve. - Meg @ Needle Nutz

Hi!  The 3 graphs that I ordered from you arrived today. They are wonderful! Now to decide which one to stitch first!!! The Gypsy Spirit design is so precious, and since it's the one for me, maybe I should start there. :) I hope to see more new designs from you ....there is little on the market with a style like yours. I'll have to let everyone on the AOL cross stitch message board know about your designs. Thanks again. - Debbie D.

I just finished checking out all your wonderful designs....I love them all. It's so hard to find Southwestern Cross-Stitch Patterns and I am a big fan of these free spirited charmers. Thanks again, I am so delighted that I clicked on your url. Never fear, I plan to purchase some of your pattern books ASAP... - Sincerely, Tana Y. Littleton, Colorado

I found your web site by accident and now i find it is one of the best i've seen. however i'm terribly frustrated as i would love to do three of your designs and alas i can not find them. i'm particularly interested in #1102,1103, 1109. if you know of a store in phoenix az that carries these i would truely appreciate it. your southwestern style is fresh and unusual and i'm really tired of seeing different versions of the same old thing around here. please let me know how to purchase these patterns. - sincerely, sherry b.

I am telling you YOU GUYS ARE SO TALENTED!!!!! Who did your website? EXCELLENT DESIGN. I just love the animated logo. WAY TO GO!!!!!! - Sharion Crafters Gateway

Hi Peter and Jennifer,
Thank you for visiting my site. I am always looking for new links and would really like to exchange URL's. I was just visiting your site and am quite impressed. - Sandy at Sandy's Needle Nook

Dear Jenni & Peter:
Thank you for your well wishes. Please send us your wholesale packet. If we decide to carry your designs we will most probably ask you for permission to link your company on our web page...You might consider a directory on your site of shops etc that carry your designs with a complimentary link to them if they have a web-site also.
- Staff @ Hook 'n Needle

Thanks for your email and info on your website. Just looked at it now and it's done very well - congratulations to you both. I am interested in receiving your catalog with ordering info - your designs looked very unique and different from what I already carry. - Casey @ The Talented Troll

Having reviewed your designs on the web site, I have already made a suggested order list, but would appreciate a printed catalog to see the designs in more detail. - Judie @ Thistle Needleworks, Inc.